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Why Join the Mutual Aid Network?

We are creating a legal, social and financial framework to help people redesign their work lives, partially by creating more comprehensive and resilient kinds of resource sharing and exchange.

People make a Mutual Aid Network cooperative for any purpose - could be to feed everyone on the block, could be a global travel/culture exchange, regional watershed restoration, group of friends wanting a work redesign, whatever - and we help each other make and use both the sharing and exchange tools and the social/legal processes for collectively stewarding projects and resources.

The individual MANs and their supporters are (voluntarily) connected in one big coop, called the Main MAN, that’s incorporated in Wisconsin and opened for membership in June 2015.


The best part of my job as Creative Director of Mutual Aid Networks is reminding people that we can dream bigger and better than we're used to, that we don't need to be bound by a scarcity mindset, and working together we can make our big dreams into reality.
- Stephanie Rearick, Madison, WI

Finding the MainMAN totally validated my Wellness Weavers vision. It allowed me to put my gear into service without reinventing the wheel!
- Helen Weaver, Waterville, KA

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