why we’re quiet…

Hello mutualistas,

I realize I haven’t posted here for quite a while and thought I should say hello, and let you know why.

The positive: There’s just a lot happening on the ground, complicated things to work through in order to make our projects happen. Quite amazing things! But we have to lay solid groundwork in complex ways, such as: developing business plans and funding streams, creating agreements with disparate kinds of organizations with disparate decision-making practices and communication styles – agreements which include monetary commitments, sharing material goods, signing contracts, renovating space, building software tools, building coding capacity, developing new governance agreements for new organizations, etc.

The negative: I hurt both arms over the course of the last year so haven’t been able to write as much without incurring more pain. But that’s on the upswing…

The negative – to – positive: We’re below capacity with people on the job. But the positive is you can help with that! We have fun working with cool people from around the world, and we’d love to have you with us. You can earn HUMAN hours and then help make them as valuable as they can be by helping build our networks of people and all the time, talents, skills, interests, and other resources that come with them.
We need help with:

  • writing – for website, grants, funding appeals, and more
  • fundraising – in a variety of ways, including creative new economy fundraising
  • website design
  • governance – we need to add some folks to the board of the HUMANs, especially representing new regions, communities, and skill-sets

Might this be you? Please let us know! Write to me at info@mutualaidnetwork.org

And enjoy your spring days


Founder and President of HUMANs, and project steward for the Madison MAN Coop

2 thoughts on “why we’re quiet…

  1. Just listened to the new money on Gaia and the gentleman mentioned your name and that is how I found you! I would love to connect 912-424-1940. My name is Wendy Johanson I am a registered nurse with my bachelor’s degree I left nursing 6 years ago to do what I love so I could be at home with my two kids! It’s time for a change and I’d like to help and be a part of it!
    In solidarity Peace

    1. hi

      Yes please let’s be in touch! you can email me at info@mutualaidnetwork.org. Glad I happened to see this, I usually miss them.

      We have our Annual Meeting coming up, it’d be great if you can join us.

      I’m about to post about it now.

      Take care,

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