Very exciting meeting yesterday. We are ready to rock.

Yesterday the Time For The World skeleton crew hosted a meeting with Dane County, Wisconsin (Madison) based officials including Madison Municipal Judge and County Executive, journalists, organizers, tech professionals, cooperative movement organizers and experts, University staff and faculty and other inspiring individuals. Edgar Cahn, founder of timebanking and Founder and Chair of TimeBanks USA, was a special guest.

Many inspiring ideas came from this meeting and we will be following up on collaborative projects with many of the participants.

Our goal is to build a better way to build a better world, then catalyze the collaboration needed to make it reality. We intend to scale our efforts in Dane County way up while actively sharing information with other communities undertaking similar projects in areas around the world. We’re terribly excited and hope you are too.

Please join us if you like. We’ll be publishing a lot more as we get time in the coming weeks, including video from the meeting, notes, and a thorough description of and funding proposal for the Time For The World project.

In the meantime, read this article to learn more (thanks, Ruth Conniff!) We’re excited to be featured by The Progessive and plan to work with and for people of all political, social and economic stripes. That’s what inspires us about timebanking – it cuts across all these tired old dividing lines and connects us as humans. No losers in this game, that’s part of what makes it so much fun.

2 thoughts on “Very exciting meeting yesterday. We are ready to rock.

  1. Did you talk about the City government issuing its own hours? This is an idea Bernard Lietaer calls ‘Boons’. The city spends ‘boons’ into circulation (@1 boon = 1 hour) to fund social and local needs, and then collects a tax from everyone denominated in ‘boons’. The boons are freely tradable for dollars.
    How does Timebanks feel about that? I think it should be tried, at least!

  2. Thanks for your comment Matthew! No, we didn’t discuss anything like this. Intriguing idea but we’re far from a point where we’re thinking about adding in something like this to our work. There’s plenty to do in taking timebanking to the scale we want it and building the sharing tools and practices. So many ideas to explore, though… Thanks for passing this on.

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