Trying out MAN Up donation page

Hello all,

As you know if you’ve been keeping up with these posts, the HUMANs and the Mutual Aid Network Cooperative project in general have been operating without a regular funding source since Feb. 2017. One whole year! Which means that no one working on this receives any kind of salary or life subsidy, which means most of us do this in our ‘free’ time while working jobs to pay our expenses.

We’re working to change that dynamic! One way will be to develop ways to crowdsource our basic human livelihoods, with a variety of resources including time, shared goods, common funds, and various forms of currency including good(?) old-fashioned bank money.

As founder, creative director, board president, whatever my title at any given moment, I’ve continued to devote the bulk of my working life to building Mutual Aid Networks. And have been going a bit broke doing it.

So to help mitigate that, and also to help propel us into a reality where more of us can crowdsource more of our life expenses, I’m sharing a webpage I’ve created to accept donations toward my personal expenses. When we get it into better shape and also get the Mutual Aid Platform ready for it, we’ll make something like this available to everyone (and meanwhile go ahead and use what I’ve created for yourself, if you like).

Please feel free to donate and share.

Thanks for your support,

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