TimeBanks USA Conference coming up! Great opportunity for connecting.


More on this later but the TimeBanks USA Conference is starting to take shape and promises many ways to connect with people working on similar efforts. We’ll (TimeBanks USA – I say ‘we’ as a Board member and interim Co-Director) be rolling out our new open source Community Weaver 2.0 software and the Action Hub set of online learning tools, which will feature some active affinity groups working on juvenile justice, health/wellness, and family support. Plus much more that you can help create!

There’s currently a call for proposals for workshops so please share your ideas. We hope and plan to have the whole Time For The World team there and will be making plans – with anyone who wants to participate – for starting project-based experiments (Build For The World) in diverse communities, working more toward the International Timebanking Alliance, and more. Your participation is more than welcome!


Hope to see you in August.

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