The New The MAN, Capitalizing on Late Capitalism

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday. Eek. Ick.

Let’s cash in!

We’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign for Mutual Aid Networks in time to cash in on Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, two of the newest holidays brought to you by late capitalism. For those of you not in the US or somehow otherwise blissfully ignorant of these things, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, known for violently enthusiastic shopping. Cyber Monday is about shopping online. And Giving Tuesday is about giving some of your leftover money to people trying to save themselves and others from the destructive effects of all the capitalism.

We’re ready to take the reins and make the new economy and what better way than to put some of that bizarro focus on how we spend our money to use in changing how all this works.theNewTheMAN

So get ready to open your wallets and email lists and help us get all the money we can into a system designed to chill all that out, and get us back to living life as humans rather than consumers.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for building with us!


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