Notes and Recordings: Solstice Solidarity Summit June 25-26: Spreading Like Wildflowers

Notes and materials from summit:

Summit slides

HOME Roadmap

Video recording of Summit Day 1: Overview, livestreaming and podcasting

Video recording of Summit Day 2: HOME Warming Party

Our June Solidarity Summit aimed to celebrate and further trans-local work. Meaning we focus on doing cool work in our communities, whether they be geographic, interest-based, or social – and on connecting between our communities to share knowledge and other good stuff.

Saturday June 25 12-2pm CST – brief HUMANs and summit overview then a skillshare on podcasting and livestreaming with Kurt and Emily.

During or after the weekend, we encourage folks to represent the HUMANs network at your own local events, and we’ll offer some materials and suggestions for how to do this in a fun way. Email to get involved!

Sunday 2-4pm CST – party to see what we’re doing to connect across our locations, introduce our new open source tech HOME, and identify more ways to build our mutual aid networks. We’ll host from on location at the Really Really Free Market at the WilMar Neighborhood Center, 953 Jenifer St. Madison Wisconsin if you’d like to join in person.

ps Donations are welcome, or better yet join the HUMANs Cooperative 🙂

2 thoughts on “Notes and Recordings: Solstice Solidarity Summit June 25-26: Spreading Like Wildflowers

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