Solidarity Sprint follow-up steps – Join us!

Solidarity Sprint Tour 

Following up

Dear friends we’ve met on our recent travels, and those we missed (and if we really missed you, like you don’t know about the Sprint, here’s some more info) –

We invite all the people who are interested in being part of or supporting the growth of Mutual Aid Networks to consider these options:

  • Join the HUMANs global cooperative network – stay in touch, share projects, exchange time and other resources in mutual aid.
  • Give to our Solidarity Sprint crowdfunding campaign, then share it! (please)
  • Connect with your local folks – we can offer support if needed.
  • Join our zoom meetings – see below


We invite you to participate in Solidarity Sprint debriefing and future solidarity sessions, including:

Vision to Action – finding and realizing your community’s common vision

Posh Life – how to have a posh life on an austerity budget

Mutual Aid Platform/Tools overview

Communicating and Motivating

Facilitation – Hosting effective meetings and work flows, Sociocracy 101


Please fill out this scheduling spreadsheet to indicate what you’re interested in, along with your general availability. We want to make it as easy as possible for us to connect with one another. Please let us know what you need!


With love and solidarity,

your Solidarity Sprint core team…

Anneleise, Stephanie, and Kate

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