Share Skills at MAN Up Skillshare Summit! Madison WI 8/22-8/28


From August 22-28 Mutual Aid Networks will be hosting people from around the world in Madison Wisconsin for  a Skillshare summit. We will design the week to create opportunities for many people doing many amazing projects to share what they do in ways that are replicable.

Here is an invitation to the summit overall.

Here is an invitation to contribute skillshare ideas. We’ll be working through that process over time, this will provide the initial link to throw  your hat in the ring.

I hope you can join us!!

Thanks much

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2 thoughts on “Share Skills at MAN Up Skillshare Summit! Madison WI 8/22-8/28

  1. Do you have topics & times? I live in Rockford & want to attend at some point – can’t do the whole time. Also want to introduce others to this & will need details.

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