Schedule tweaks to (awesome so far) MAN Up summit include adding online availability

MAN Up Summit is going great so far, and you can still be part of it!


We have a few added online sessions, plus here’s a friendly reminder about this first one which was always intended to be online – all times CDT:

12pm – 3pm Community Savings/Investment workshop – featuring (via web) Stephen Hinton of Sweden’s JAK Bank, Phil Stevens of New Zealand Living Economies, Janelle Orsi from Sustainable Economies Law Center. Art In, 1444 E. Washingtonavailable online  SB TB

3:30-6pm Skill shares – Robust Budgeting, Work/Life Design, others by offer or request Art In, 1444 E. Washington  available online  SB TB

1pm – 5pm Software – building tools that work for us with Bob Haugen, Lynn Foster, Matthew Slater, Julien Dussart Art In, 1444 E. Washington and nearby locations  available online  TB

And by the way, the summit is amazing so far. Including but not limited to last night’s fabulous party at the High Noon with The Yes Men, Bayo Akomolafe, a bunch of great pilot site leaders sharing a tiny bit of their vision with us, music by Wendy Schneider, Shawn Neary, Hanah Jon Taylor, Cat Capellaro and Andrew Rohn (of VO5 etc), and me. Indescribably awesome. So many of my favorite people were there, from all over the world. And others in spirit and missed, of course.

There’s still more to come and you can register here.

  • Please read this paper-in-progress as background to our Community Justice discussions.
  • Check out the still-evolving summit schedule here.
  • Contribute here — and then pass it on to your friends with a personal note asking them to help.

Want to help out? You can be part of the cooking team, or provide rides, help with facilitation, help make the MAN Up simulation game, or offer skill shares in your areas of strength.

One of the major aims of the summit is to play with how these resource flows can work in real life. We’ll do that by exchanging different types of credits for the work we each put into making the summit happen. And we’ll log those credits in the Main MAN and/or various local exchanges as that makes sense. Feel free to suggest ways to experiment with this.

And last but not least, our first General Membership Meeting of the Main MAN will be Thursday August 27, 9:30-12:30 CDT. Please join us! This is available to join online so geography is no barrier…
And here is your packet to be prepared for that meeting.

Take care,

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