A Sad Farewell to our hero, Margaret Jefferies

We’re so sorry to report the passing of Margaret Jefferies, guiding light of Project Lyttelton which has been a guiding light for the world of cooperative economics, community solidarity, and love in action.

Margaret was responsible for bringing me to New Zealand for the Living Economies Summit in 2017, which led to my wonderful epic tour of the land, led to the establishment of the national network MANA (Mutual Aid Networks of Aotearoa), and much much more. I know she created countless similar – and varied – ripples throughout the world.

You can see it in the photo, and I could see it in Lyttelton and everywhere else where people had heard of her, or something she’d helped create (Project Lyttelton and their timebank’s world-renowned response to the 2011 Christchurch area earthquakes, for example) – the love she gave the world and those living in it spread out like the rays of the sun.

Thanks Margaret!

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