Report from HUMANs 2018 General Membership Meeting

Our HUMANs 2018 Annual General Membership Meeting was a smashing success, resulting in some deeper common understandings of where we are in our collective and individual site work, a new currency design and policy, and a great new Board of Directors.

Here are our notes, taken collectively and still in progress.

Here are the slides we used, also added to during the meeting.

Here is the recording of the first half of the meeting. Second half will be posted later.

And our new board!

New members are Anneleise Hall and Gen de Spa both from New Zealand, Eli Kelling from Wisconsin, Zev Friedman from North Carolina, and Monica Johnston from California.

Re-elected were Kate Macdonald (UK), Rebecca Kemble (WI), Kurt Roskopf (WI).

And Kathy Perlow (PA), Stephanie Rearick (WI), and Michael Giroux (RI) are all in the middle of their current 2-year terms.

For now you can read the notes and see the recording and slides for the gist of what happened, and we’ll update our website with all the new info as soon as we’re able. And write about it in more digestible chunks.

Thanks for reading!

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