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Another quick one (while I continue to chip away at my UK report – I’m inclined to publish that in just one massive post, so those who want to know about the trip can just read it at their leisure and those who don’t want to don’t need to get several doses – but you can make suggestions to me if you like)

The MAN Up Summit is shaping up beautifully! Register today. Really, if you can swing a last-minute trip to Madison I think it’s worth coming in person. And you can join several sessions offline if that’s just not feasible.

Our main location is a really cool space and we’ll also get a chance to see more of Madison. By bus, bike (you can use DCTB members’ bikes for time credits, rent from B-Cycle or one of many local cycle shops), carpool (again courtesy of summit attendees and DCTB members). We’ll be weaving music into many of the events. Plus we’ll have some yoga, some natural vision improvement sessions, some outdoor sessions, some other things to appeal to mind, body and spirit. We’re creating space for people to offer and request skill shares from one another.

And the MAN Up simulation game is shaping up to be really fun. And The Yes Men are going to be featured at our launch party!

The people who are registering have already guaranteed that this will be a productive and rich event. Too much to mention here without writing yet another book of a blog.

Check out the still-evolving schedule here.

Register here.

Contribute here.

And hope to connect with you during the summit! August 20-28, right around the corner…

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