On the road and other exciting news

I’m in Jackson Mississippi between my first two stops on the Up The Wall tour (Up The Wall is the name of the CD I’m touring with) and exciting new opportunities keep arising. Played in St. Louis last night and met with timebanking pioneers Renee Betty Marver and Linda Hogan, and more recent timebank organizers Terry, Johanna and Ruffina. Wonderful people and great conversation with lots of potential for future cool developments. Tomorrow I play New Orleans, Monday we meet with potential new timebankers there. Watch for an updated schedule in the next days.

Leander will join on the west coast just a few stops into the tour, helping with trainings, documenting what we learn and what is created, and helping to design systems to support this kind of decentralized work with lots of contributors. Preston and Marc will stay in Madison and help get those systems built.

Part of what we’ll do is talk with the many timebankers and organizers we’ll be meeting about doing Build For the World projects, where people in varying locations use timebanking or related methods to solve community problems – actively sharing their tools, methods, and learning with each other in order to support each other. Read more about it in our new and improved proposal.

And we now have a way for you to donate support this effort. No amount is too small or too big! This will go toward paying our travel expenses, keeping all four of the project partners fed, clothed and housed, and building tools to support this work – including teaching materials, code for project facilitation tools, communication tools like video and other media, and related.
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Every dollar you donate up to $15,000 will be matched dollar for dollar with a challenge grant. Even more exciting, we just received word of a $15,000 donation that will free the first $15K of the same challenge grant. Thanks so much to our generous donors, we’re enormously grateful and excited about the work you’re empowering us to do.

And thanks to all of you for paying attention! We look forward to working with you more.


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    1. Hi Bob,

      Thanks for letting us know. When I click it from a web browser it works, and did when I previewed the post, but it didn’t work from the email version. Did you try from a web browser? I also took out the bit of code that opens it in a new tab in hopes that would fix whatever problem you’re having. If you see whether or not it works please let us know. I’m hoping the problem is fixed, we want people to read the proposal!


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