All Mutual Aid, All the Time – Join us!

Dig if you will, a picture….

Yes, we can do it. Every day we’ll have solidarity skillsharing sessions available on zoom. Check our calendar for information, and join any time. We’ll be adding lots of sessions coming up. Offer one yourself!

Rough themes for each day:

  • Manifesting Monday – Discuss your dreams, work toward realizing them, set up the plan for the week, etc.
  • Tender Tuesday – Focus on caring and nurturing. From tending our gardens to making neighbor care teams, and more.
  • Wednesday Hump Day – get over the hump of the week, focus on relationships and restoration.
  • Thirsty Thursday – we’re thirsty to learn, and sometimes to rest or socialize. whatever is requested
  • Flex Friday – doing physical projects, taking the day off, being flexible
  • Sunday Skool – our regular weekly (secular) peer learning session is now online for all to join!

for Saturday I hope you get a chance to play or rest. These are open for all to offer – first dibs go to current/currently pending HUMANs partners and projects, then HUMANs members, then mission-aligned people and projects. Check our Core Principles to see if that’s you (and I’m guessing it is)

Please stay in touch and help make mutual aid the way we get through this with good health, resilience, joy, and on our way to lasting change.

3 thoughts on “All Mutual Aid, All the Time – Join us!

  1. So helpful to see this laid out not only with When Whatall is happening online through MAN, but seeing opportunities to be in actual action!
    I am really looking forward to being safely in physical action, and since Nature is not going to wait, I’m aiming to get some Gardening and Soil Stewardship – getting healthfully dirty.

  2. I live in Nashville, TN and am SUPER interested in helping organize a co-op here. If you all have any resources or any contacts in the area, I’d appreciate it!

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