Mutual Aid Solidarity Summit #1: Common Funds 2/20/20 shared learning

Here is some shared learning from Mutual Aid Solidarity Summit #1: Common Funds Thursday February 20, 4-6pm CSTThis is the first in a new series for the HUMANs (Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks), our global cooperative network of which we’re the founder and one of several partner sites across the globe. We’ll do this series the 20th of each even-numbered month this year. The aim is to get people together locally in a few locations, while simultaneously connecting online with a structured skillshare designed to help with a specific need. This one fills the need of Madison and BC-area Mutual Aid projects who have both recently opened Common Funds and will get help from our New Zealand partners who have experience with this model.
First, the Common Fund meetup notes and recording
A simple spreadsheet for tracking your Common Fundods and xlsxand last but not least, the working draft of the Common Fund agreement we’re adapting to meet our needs in Madison WI. Feel free to copy what you like, and share ideas and improvements.

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