Mutual Aid Solidarity Sprint- reporting back and building has begun! Learn more…

Hello all!

It was lovely to spend time with some of you on our Solidarity Sprint Debrief Part I. Recording is here. Links to notes so far are here (in progress, and you’re invited to add to them)

We sprawled a bit in our time, somewhat inevitable with a sprawling massive experience. And we’ll do some more debriefing at a future date.

Please fill out this spreadsheet to let us know what you’re interested in and general times you’re available. Besides these various communication and skillshare threads we’re setting up, we also decided to offer scheduled Solidarity Sessions where a given project can ask for specific types of help, we’ll find people who can offer that help, hold a web meeting and record it for posterity. 

Stay tuned for more developments on the processes for those, how to sign up, etc. And meanwhile please feel free to join the HUMANs global cooperative network if you wish, or just check out some of the reports coming out of the sprint




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