Mutual Aid Meetups! Friday C-Response, Monday Common Funds, much more…

Upcoming Mutual Aid Meetups

Monday 4/20 6-8pm CDT
Action Jam meets Solidarity Summit
Common Funds for Housing Access and Land Stewardship

Kevin Jones, co-founder of GatherLab and Star Finance and pioneer in new cooperative finance models (Minneapolis’ Somali-American Community Can Soon Bypass the Bank to Buy Homes), Dan Cornelius, leader in indigenous agriculture and food sovereignty (Intertribal Agriculture Council), and Olivia Williams of Madison Area Community Land Trust, Madison Community Cooperative, and innovator in cooperative land trust models, are featured guests in this combination Action Jam and Solidarity Summit, focused on how mutual aid can create real affordable, healthful housing.

plus much, much, more…  find it all at the calendar here! All on the same web meeting
Every Friday 12noon CDT – COVID-response open debrief
Anyone looking to engage in or learn about mutual aid responses to the COVID-19 crisis is welcome to participate in this round robin discussion of what we’ve learned so far, what’s working, what isn’t, how we can support each other to do better while staying as happy, healthy, and grounded as possible. Join us! for one to two hours, depending on what people are up for.
Common Money Sprint Wed. 4/22, 5pmCDTIf you’re like us, you have a need to put some mutual aid money ideas into practice, and fast – for yourself, your project, your organization, your business. Join us as we work through how we make Common Funds (pooled money), price-based mutual credit (like a LETS system, or like a timebank but with a price and taxes so you can use it in business), and the Common Good payment system (kind of a hybrid of the first two) work for us when we need it most.
Mutual Aid and Creativity – We’re all creative beings whether we see it or not, and many of us get our creative spirit broken or discouraged by the ravages of late stage global capitalism. No more! Let’s explore how mutual aid can support us to be our most creative, most joyful, most contributing selves. Help us schedule this to meet your needs.
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