MAN Presentation in Brazil + online learning series (today!)


This is a quick post, first to let you know that in about 15 minutes we have our next online learning session, on Robust Budgeting and Work/Life Design. We’ll host at least one to three more sessions on this topic, to build better tools to support us in this work and also to really learn how we’ll apply these methods to improving our own lives. More information and meeting access instructions here.

Alas, I didn’t get to go to Brazil for this conference as I’d planned for the last year, but the MAN was well-represented at the 3rd International Conference on Complementary Currencies

Leander Bindewald gave our presentation (thanks Leander!)

And our paper is here.

That’s all for now but only because we’re too busy making things to report to spend much time reporting them right now… Stay tuned for more soon!


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