MAN Outlook for 2015 – it’s going to be a great year!


It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. Happy 2015! It’s going to be a great one.

Despite a little lull/respite over winter holidays, there’s been a lot of action in MAN development. And now we’re full steam ahead.

We’re gearing up to offer more regular and in-depth communications so here I’ll just start with a guide to what’s coming up for 2015, and we’ll share the details later.

First – my previous blog post laid out some new grants received by Dane County TimeBank, and those and other developments have presented new opportunities to cohere and build the timebank’s work while connecting it with other MAN pilot sites and exploring more MAN possibilities here at home.

We’ll be diving into that in depth at our next Builders Workshop, Wednesday January 28, 4-6pm CDT followed by a reception 6-7. At Madison Central Library, with a web meeting set up so some of you can join from afar. Details here.

Second – there’s a lot to report on the Allied Community Coop, the first local iteration of a Mutual Aid Network. But it warrants its own post so look for that next week. But Tuesday we’ll go to our City Council to testify in favor of a resolution that will get us some money to help alleviate the neighborhood food crisis through cooperation. I’ll probably wait until after that to post, so I can include pictures!

Third – the whole year is shaping up nicely.

In February, Kathy Perlow, Health and Wellness MAN pilot steward in Pennsylvania and creator of the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Care Team model of timebanking, will come to train us to create N2N Care Teams. This will be a central part of our strategy in Dane County TimeBank this year (see Builders Workshop #20 for more).

In March we (Dane County TimeBank) begin our big Restorative Justice project in South and Southwest Madison. This includes a focus on opportunity-building, including resource and project development in and around the Allied Community Coop.

In April I’ll go to Rome for Giftival, a repeat of the wonderful gathering I experienced in Istanbul last year. I’ll have a lot of time there to connect with wonderful MAN collaborators from around the world. I really hope and expect to flesh out the representation of more parts of the world, on our Board, in pilot sites, etc. Very exciting! With a possible detour to Berlin and Vienna beforehand…

And aiming to take a trip eastward through some MAN pilot sites – and hopefully a field trip with Allied Community Coop as part of it. Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania. Could be great to go to Greensboro NC too, to visit a similar coop project there – one that has opened its grocery store!!

The rest of the spring and summer I will be working on developing the various local MAN and timebank projects here, plus working toward…

MAN Up Month!!

August will be MAN Up Month in Madison and it’ll be really cool. I hope you can come.

We’re inviting people to come for work sessions, collaboration opportunities, in-depth trainings, and celebrations. With a big MAN launch party, great entertainment, we’ll aim to get some of our awesome supporters and advisors here to enjoy each other’s company, get work done, make new connections. I’ll make a post with details as they emerge, and I expect a bunch to emerge in the next week so stay tuned…

Most of the events will be concentrated during a one-two week period toward the end of August, but we’ll have a month-long progression of work and learning.
The next couple months we’ll using the tools we create during MAN Up Month here in Madison, and reporting very thoroughly on all of this (if they’ll let me, which seems likely since I’ve presented at the first two) at — — the third International Conference on Complementary Currencies in Brazil, in October.And I think that’s thinking far enough ahead for now. Things are shaping up really nicely and I expect us all to learn a lot, and get some cool new systems functioning here and sharing them with people getting similar cool things going elsewhere.Thanks for reading about it! Thanks for participating!–Stephaniep.s. If you want to be notified of meetings and/or to participate in work groups, sign up for our email list here.

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