Deploying Time Banking for Human-Scaled Economic Development: Video

In February we gave a presentation at the International Conference on Community and Complementary Currencies in Lyon, France. Here is video and our slideshow from that presentation. Let us know what you think! We continue to build on and advance on this work as part of the project.

It is best viewed full screen.

One thought on “Deploying Time Banking for Human-Scaled Economic Development: Video

  1. Thanks for a great presentation! I’m very excited to learn about this project, and the push for a more bottom-up approach to time banking based on free and open-source resources. I think the trophic level metaphor is incredibly useful at a time when we are increasingly thinking about how to model our economies after ecological systems (and rediscovering the many ways in which our communities already model such systems). I also appreciated the critique of structural solutions and especially the constant drive to secure funding for projects that, if we thought more creatively about them, are better off tapping into the wealth of non-monetary resources that such projects in fact are based on. Peter North has a great way of putting this: “Saying that needs can’t be met because there is not enough money to pay for it is like saying that a table can’t be made because there are not enough inches to measure it.”

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