January 23-24 Solidarity Summit Schedule and joining instructions here!


Happy new year! Happy new possibilities!

As always, our Solidarity Summit is fluid and human-scale, and participatory. This is our schedule, still subject to a little flowing but pretty much set up.d

And here’s the link to the summit itself!


  1. To get the best Virtual event experience, we recommend that you login from a laptop/desktop (the event is also accessible from tablets and smartphones)
  2. We recommend using the Google Chrome Browser (the event is also accessible from other browsers, but works best in Google Chrome)
  3. Click this link
  4. Click “Get Tickets” and then click “Join Event”
  5. Create a Hopin account if you haven’t already (this will allow you to attend events on the Hopin platform, including this Summit)
  6. If you have an account but don’t remember your password, request a new one and follow the instructions provided
  7. Click “Join event”
  8. You are now in the Virtual “Reception Room,” where you can see the summit description and schedule
  9. Check out the chat box on the right hand side of your screen for important instructions (if you’re on a mobile device, click the small arrow on the bottom right hand side of your screen in order to see the chat b

Resource: Click here for a detailed presentation on how to navigate the virtual event venue at the 2021 Solidarity Summit


Hope to see you this weekend 🙂

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