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Last year, we continued to launch our umbrella cooperative that is now called HUMANs – short for Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks – and started connecting various local MAN pilot sites in the USA and internationally.

Right now, we are getting ready to move into the second phase of building it all out and up. We want to focus on refining our HUMAN sharing platform and procedures, supporting local pilot sites and consolidating our funding.

And you are invited to be part of it!

If you are new to Mutual Aid Networks, start by attending a web-based Orientation and Software Training, to be held the third Friday each month, 2-4pm CDT (timezone converter here). The first hour is the general orientation, the second is a training on the Mutual Aid Platform software. The next session will be held Friday July 21. Meeting access instructions for all our web meetings are here.

Most of what we do as HUMANs is organized in four workgroups – Tech, Comms, Finance, Social/Legal – which meet virtually on a regular basis. A new regular schedule for these workgroups is about to start, so this is the perfect time to get on board. Each workgroup meets twice a month for an hour.  There is a facilitator, but as a member of a workgroup you will help to determine the priorities and activities of the group.  Your level of commitment is up to you…you can just sit and listen if you want!

Tech – Workgroup

As a lot of our sharing between local pilot sites happens virtually, across countries and continents, technology plays a big role in it. This workgroup develops, maintains and operates our tech infrastructure – particularly the MutualAid Platform “MAP”.

This workgroup meets every 1st Wednesday of the month, 10-11am CDT (timezone conversion here).

Comms – Workgroup

Marketing, wording, outreach, copy-editing, website and education materials… those and much more are the outputs of this workgroup.

This workgroup meets every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, 2-3pm CDT (timezone conversion here).

Financial – Workgroup

Since our poshterity approach does not work without conventional money, this workgroup take care of funding bids, business planning, crowdfunding etc.

This workgroup meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, 2-3pm CDT(timezone conversion here).

Social/Legal – Workgroup

Governance structures, by-laws, procedures, and the nuts and bolts of how HUMANs work… learning from local MAN pilot sites and sharing our collective knowledge back with them.

This group meeting time is currently in flux. Email Stephanie if you’d like to be involved.

If you are interested in becoming part of HUMANs, just get in touch or simply show up at the next web meeting of the workgroup(s) of your choice. All groups use the same web meeting platform (GoToMeeting), you can always find how to connect to it here


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