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I have been recovering from a most splendid time at our leadership retreat, then global exchange gathering. These events mark an important milestone for me – the end of the Knit a Network project, which will be the last timebanking-only project I’ll be focusing on. Its end gives me an opportunity to transition into working toward Mutual Aid Network-style integration of various tools and platforms.

As I returned home from that trip I realized that it’s time to buckle down and get this MAN model really working here at home, while sharing with everyone I’ve been meeting who wants to try it where they are. I had the very pleasant realization that the choice isn’t “Go Big or Go Home” as I’d said before. It’s really Go Big and Go Home, and that makes me happy.

Very shortly (next post) I’ll report on what happened at the retreat and conference, but first I’ll give a couple quick important MAN updates, or the

In ‘Go Home’ news:

ACCmailToday I mailed the Articles of Incorporation for the first mutual aid network, the Allied Community Coop!! And AlliedCoop_t-shirtour kick-off party is next Saturday, August 23, 12-6 at Revival Ridge, Allied Dr. We’ll have t-shirts for the first 130 coop members. And we’ll custom screen-print the backs to say each person’s talent or potential contribution to the neighborhood and coop.

Here are some pictures of our interim board signing the Articles of Incorporation, and the notary from Summit Credit Union giving her stamp.

photo 4-9   photo 3-11photo 2-10

In ‘Go Big’ news,

We’ve also been inviting some wonderful people to join the Mutual Aid Network Advisory Board. Here’s the list of confirmations so far, because I find it so wildly exciting:

The Yes Men, Charles Eisenstein, Deborah Frieze, Vicki Robin, Edgar Cahn, and John Bloom.

We’ll be asking and adding more as we get a chance to talk with MAN pilot sites about their ideas. Stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend,


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