First post from part 3 of the Dreamworld Tour – eastward ho!


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, just because I’ve been too busy living, working, driving, visiting…

IMG_20130926_133943_742It’s been FANTASTIC so far. Seeing some very beloved people (including my parents and my 99-year-old grandma), enjoying the working and learning parts, and being treated to some beautiful fall foliage as I’m getting out east (I’m writing this from Northampton MA where I’m staying with a great old college friend)

I’ll post about the first couple stops so this doesn’t get TOO unwieldy (or maybe it does but it could be worse), then pick up next time with Ohio onward.

drawing labyrinths
drawing labyrinths

I began this leg of the tour on Sept. 20 in Chicago at a SkillShare at Lara Oppenheimer’s (Chicago Time Exchange Coordinator) house. A great little event, one I’d like to try at home. They’d put out a call for timebank members to offer to teach a skill. We started with Qi Gong, then space organizing, then went on to Labyrinth Drawing. Then I spoke a bit about our timebank’s history and future and we discussed a number of issues from member engagement to leadership development to applied timebanking. It was a really good time, and we ended it with a potluck.

After a brief rest we headed over to the Trade School Evanston. This isn’t what you might think – I’d thought it might be a school that teaches trades. Instead it’s much cooler. It’s part of a global movement and the way it works is this: someone proposes a class they’d like to teach and says what they’d like to receive in return. The compensation might be massage, classes, transportation, food, whatever. The Trade School and the Time Exchange see their mutual benefits and are now launching a collaboration.

the kitchen at the trade school
the kitchen at the trade school

The evening was really really lovely. The space is cool – two of the founders live there and it’s clearly a hub of creative, collective activity. This evening they had a big spread of delicious food and a great singer-songwriter, Mindy, who played and sang beautifully, then brief talks about the Time Exchange and the Trade School, followed by a set of Stephanie Rearick Jr. People were really attentive and appreciative throughout, and it was also a really fun party.

A bonus for me: The lovely hosts gave me a little vintage electric organ they’d trash-picked earlier. It’s really cool! Sounds great. Someone pointed out I should play a Halloween show on it, it has that kind of sound.

Next day I got up ungodly early and drove 4 hours to East Lansing Michigan, where I gave a little presentation at the Greater Lansing TimeBank’s picnic. The drive was no fun at all but the picnic was! Edge Brussel (videographer from Builders Workshops 4 and 6) organized it and there were about 20 really engaging people in attendance. It was on a sunny day in a park with another nice spread of food. I shared stories of our timebank’s history, our project approach, some of the ways we’re connecting things we’ve learned in order to become more effective. I introduced them briefly to BuildFTW and the MAN. They asked a lot of good questions, with a lot of focus on our youth courts (very common aspect for people to be excited about, and with good reason!).

our friendly radio personalities
our friendly radio personalities

IMG_20130922_240005_036After a short nap I went on to Detroit, one of my favorite cities, where I played a benefit for their local community-supported radio station WHFR. This is in a really cool venue with a great reputation, Trinosophes (Pere Ubu played there the night before!). It was a really good time. The other bands were fantastic and the WHFR folks are a lot of fun.

Next day was our timebank training. Jennie Weakley, coordinator of Southwest Detroit TimeBank, hosted at her office. We were joined by about 10 people, including two teens who work with the timebank and help out Bridging Communities (a host organization). We focused on how to use timebanking to accomplish community goals and did the visioning exercise I like to do at these (I need a good name for it! used to call it ‘the messy game,’ a ridiculously nondescript title). This group’s mission was to create safer communities with engaged people, less isolation and more integration. Here are the flip charts we generated:  IMG_20130922_160847_717IMG_20130922_161802_475

And we focused the discussion a bit on what would help make this effort feel valuable to youth. It was great to have the two teenagers with us! They brought us some really helpful perspective.

On Monday I joined some Detroit-area timebank leaders at a luncheon with city managers, assistant city managers and a mayor representing five Detroit suburbs.
It was quite a fruitful meeting! These Detroit suburbs are part of a collaboration called the Woodward 5. Two of them already have timebanks, one has discussed it over the last couple years but hasn’t implemented it, and two have none. By the end of our discussion they were saying they want to create some kind of collaboration to make timebanking happen throughout the 5, and the next day we learned that the Ferndale timebank was awarded a small grant toward this end. Exciting!

On Tuesday I went to the new home of the now-forming New Work Collective, a collective household in Southeast Detroit. I met Ty, one of the organizers, at our Sunday training. That’s where we learned that we are both working on how to redesign work. I went to his house to talk with him and the rest of the collective members more in-depth. 5-8 (the number grew as we went) of us talked about the MAN. I mainly described it, the thinking behind it, how timebank can bootstrap it, etc. Then we had a discussion about how it can apply to what they’re doing and some of what we’re doing in Madison. There are a lot of exciting possibilities and I hope to explore it more with them, and try some stuff out. I wish I’d taken pictures here (and the Lansing potluck too!) but alas, I just forgot.

IMG_20130923_144901_530I did remember to take pictures at Trumbullplex, the anarchist housing and theater collective that’s one of my favIMG_20130923_144548_325orite spaces in Detroit. I went with Edge Brussel and Whitney Bembenek. Whitney was part of the Dane County TimeBank when she lived in Madison and has since moved to Detroit. She’s wonderful, and it was great to be able to introduce her to Edge and Trumbullplex at the same time.

I left Detroit Wed. morning and went 1/2 hour north to Pontiac Michigan for the launch of the Pontiac SUN TimeBank at its host site, Oakland Family Services. Kim Hodge (wonderful organizer of the Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks) is shepherding this project and has helped pull together a beautiful team! 10 people from the Steering Committee each did aIMG_20130925_140610_450 piece of the presentation, including some matching games and discussion. The energy in the room was amazing! The people were all so excited and so overflowing with warmth and joy. I kept thinking of the word ‘joyous’ throughout and I’ll say it was one of the most joyous occasions I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience. I’m really excited for them and impressed with what they’ve done already.

From there I headed to Ohio, which I’ll write about in another post so this doesn’t sprawl even more…

Thanks for reading!

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