COVID-related Mutual Aid

First, here’s to your health, and ours collectively. May we come through this stronger and more resilient than ever, having learned how to take better care of one another and our earth.

And mutual aid is all the rage these days. That’s great, except we weren’t yet ready for prime time (who ever is?) and we’re working hard to apply our years of learning and help sift through the chaos to find our strengths and build our crisis capacities.

That said, the best place we can point you to find specifically disaster-related information and networks is via our friends at Mutual Aid Disaster Relief.

If you’re in Madison WI (home base of HUMANs), click here if you need help, and here to offer help – both connect to a coalition currently called the General Defense Committee.

And every Friday, we at HUMANs are hosting a COVID-response learning debriefing, all are welcome. Let’s learn together as we go! Also sharing as many of those as possible, here for now.

Now go do some tapping, or deep breathing, or make music or art or run or walk, whatever helps you stay calm and grounded during all this. We need you! 🙂

With love,

The HUMANs (Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks)

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