Calling all leaders of HUMANs!


Are you or would you like to be a leader in the movement to create a neighborly, HUMAN economy?

Then help us do a great job.

I’m writing to encourage you to join our strategic planning sessions over the next 2 days. For some of you it’s super short notice, my apologies! it’s been hard keeping up over the summer with limited availability on pretty much every HUMAN’s part. But we’re ready to shift into higher gear in the next couple days and would love for you to be part of it!

Planning sessions are Friday 9/29 11-1 and 2-4pm CDT and Saturday 9/30, 11-1 CDT. Annual meeting is Saturday 9/30 2-4pm CDT.

We will meet at the Social Justice Center in Madison, 1202 Williamson, and also online.

Annual meeting agenda is here.
Planning session draft agendas and some prep are here.


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