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We’ve gotten off to a running start here in 2014.

photo 3Since I last wrote here we’ve held the first PowerTime II energy consulting training – GREAT! We’re photo 1training twice as many folks as we’d expected and enthusiasm is high. All kinds of surrounding opportunities are presenting themselves now — for example we can have coop members sewing door snakes and selling for timebank hours and/or money to support themselves and the coop, we’re starting a computer refurbishing class to begin stocking our TimeBank store with useful computers, etc. etc. On Feb. 6 we’ll have our official business meeting to revive the process of legally incorporating. Follow the project here.

And we held the Dane County TimeBank Annual Meeting and Board election. We gained five great new board members! Several with fundraising and organizational development experience, one with a big picture view on economy, dctb_biz_cardcooperatives and complementary currencies, all really wonderful new energy. Notes are here. We also tried out a nice easy little game of making fill-in-the-blank timebank business cards. Everyone made a name tag with their offer and request and we gave our cards to people we could work with. We’ll be using these much more!

This afternoon I’ll be meeting with some folks who are working on building tiny houses for people who need them. We’re seriously focusing on being able to  better meet food, wellness, energy, transportation and housing needs this year.

And on the meta-scale, we’re underway in the Knit a Network process. In case you’ve missed it, this is an effort to link cooperative economy (especially timebanking, but not exclusively) practitioners across boundaries of geography, affiliation, software preferences etc. in order to complement and share each other’s work, identify and work together to fill gaps in infrastructure and support. We’ve begun our work groups and participation is great. We’ll work until the beginning of April, at which time we wrap up the whole Knit a Network process. Each group will produce visible, shareable work OR – if that’s not possible – a report on what did happen in the group. The most exciting part for me is that we’ll be holding a leadership retreat on the east coast (most likely in a beach house!) at the end of July, at which time we’ll put a big shiny bow on the Knit a Network process by creating training materials to share, finalizing web pages and peer support infrastructure and the like. Then we’ll offer up our results to the world at the international timebanking/cooperative economy conference in Rhode Island July 31-August 3.

At that point we should have at least one, hopefully several, Mutual Aid Networks beginning to pilot. It’ll be fun to see where it all leads!

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