Become a more activated HUMAN at our office hours! plus contribute to our collective success, etc.


If you haven’t yet, please go ahead and join the HUMANs global cooperative network.

Then get oriented at our next Friday office hours. Next week (Dec. 15) we’ll host them from 2-4CDT. Web meeting access instructions are here (and you can always find them at our website under the ‘resources’ tab.)

This session will be open discussion about what each participant’s needs are in order to participate in Mutual Aid Networks as fully as you wish, plus a little training on our Mutual Aid Platform software for exchange and project management. We will schedule additional conversations for more in-depth skillshares, topical discussions, software trainings, pilot site check-ins and brainstorms, etc. Please keep in touch about your needs in these areas.

And we’re using our Mutual Aid Platform to manage our work more every day, and building our resource and knowledge base to make mutual aid-style compensation more and more valuable and abundant.

Last but not least, stay tuned for some fundraising messages. We need money and we put it to great use!

Please join in the fun

Take care,

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