We’ve been quiet lately – Here’s why. And other news


Oh, we know we’ve been woefully out of touch on this blog. But not because we’re not doing stuff!

I’m writing a massive proposal for funding for Build For the World. Marc’s working on pulling together an early March event where we involve programmers in making exciting new tools for our projects and others. Preston’s about to spend a couple months in Boston but will be around for our events here. Leander’s in South America and we’re really hoping to be able to bring him back to Madison in Spring and Summer, to stay awhile and work with us on all this cool stuff.

Before he left in December, Leander finished up a lot of fine work (building on what Marc started earlier and continues to work on) on a Drupal 7 platform for Build For the World. It’s looking great so far but we have a few pieces left to add, which Marc is working on now when he’s not working on tons of stuff for the UW and beyond. This Build platform will be where community-problem-solving projects will tell the world what they’re doing, their goals and outcomes, share their tools and protocols and communicate with each other so we can learn from each other more. As soon as we add these couple pieces, which will include a survey that helps create some standard simple measures for evaluation and a repository where we can upload documents to share, I’ll populate it with all Dane County TimeBank’s great projects to see how it is to use. Then we’ll start inviting the world at large to join in, likely beginning with the timebanking community we’re already in touch with but working to branch out to include projects using other kinds of cooperative economic tools.

There are some other efforts out there we hope and plan to join up/cooperate with and we’ll keep you posted as those developments occur.

So – if you want to help, be in touch. We need projects’ stewards to sign up their projects and share resources; programmers; money; in-kind donations; introductions to people you know who are doing things that will work well with this; introductions to people/organizations who might want to fund us; offers to share relevant knowledge and ideas.

We plan to create a Builders’ timebank for those offers that don’t fit with our exact needs at the moment but can be shared among Build projects. We also will create Bank For the World as soon as we can get to it – this will catalog all the contributions of all kinds to the project so we can work toward finding new ways to exchange resources to meet a variety of needs.

Hope you’ll play with us!

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