Tour and rolling conference starts next week!


Friday May 10 is the beginning of my great adventure, which I hope will be our great adventure!

In case you didn’t know I’ll be going on a big tour this summer and fall doing timebanking/sharing economy kinds of work and also playing music.

We start with our Wisconsin statewide gathering, Time for a Healthy Wisconsin: How timebanking and other cooperative practices can build a healthier state. After which we’ll have a Deep Dive Discussion to explore how we plan to apply all we’ve been learning. This is especially significant for us as we move forward more formally on connecting with the Madison Hours system and then redesigning our approach to be more robust.

The next week is Louisville Kentucky, where Kathy Perlow (Lehigh Valley Care Exchange) and I have the honor of being guests during a visit from the Dalai Lama, and will help present at an event timed to coincide with his visit, the Compassionate Louisville Healthcare Conversation. Compassionate health care? Sounds great, let’s make it happen!

After that: UK, France, Netherlands, and all over the US.
Here’s a link to the schedule so far.

The goals of the economic piece are: spread the word, help stitch together a co-production based peer training and support network, help figure out questions around intertrading and technological needs, share whatever skills and expertise I can offer, document and learn from a variety of local initiatives, help link more people in various resource sharing/exchange networks, and help build out some kind of travel and culture exchange. All of those goals are only met with lots of people wanting to collaborate and share.

If you’re one of them and would like to have a part in this tour please let me know at

Here’s a link to a rough draft-in-progress menu of things I can offer.

We’ll work on building a page where we can combine that with local offerings if you’d like to offer talks or trainings at gatherings that arise. Again, offers of help building it are appreciated! The intention is to collect, catalog and build up all those resources and have it be used into the future, and figure out some decentralized stewardship of it. Part of the point of all this is to make these kinds of exchange systems work for our own sustainability, which I think can only be done through connecting at this point.

For now we’re collecting information about who wants to offer training and peer support here.

Also happily accepting leads on places to play music, people to share shows with, any other kinds of assistance (like housing, food or transportation)

So consider yourselves invited. Suggestions are welcome.

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