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The July 19 Builders Workshop, TimeBanking and Health: Focus on the Wellness Project, was very productive and engaging despite some technical difficulties.

This is a summary of our own workshop, giving you all the material (see at the bottom) needed to host your own session on the topic in your community. Feel free to modify our materials to suit your needs.

Our process:

On July 19 more than 50 people gathered in Madison Wisconsin for the fourth installment of Dane County TimeBank and Build for the World’s work and learn series Builders Workshops,

TimeBanking and Health: Focus on the Wellness Project.

We were joined online by Kathy Perlow of the Lehigh Valley Care Exchange, Philippe Granger from Rushey Green TimeBank in London, and Mashi Blech from Visiting Nurses Service of New York. We learned how timebanking is being used in a hospital in Allentown Pennsylvania to transport people to medical appointments, provide for needs in social support and after-care, and train medical interpreters. We heard about the success that doctors have had in referring isolated patients to the Rushey Green TimeBank,

Hear about their experiences and outlook in this video, click on “vimeo” to download and share it:

A particularly visionary and inspiring project is the “Patch Adams Free Clinic” in Philadelphia, see Paul Glover explaining it here:

After these inputs, we discussed how we can connect our own timebank with 2000+ members with local health institutions and individual providers in order to increase people’s access to health and wellness services, including healthy local food.

Attendees shared their own vision, goals and what they would like to contribute. We were pleased to have many registered nurses and other health care providers in the room along with our active timebank members. One member with a disability was able to immediately find two people with healthcare backgrounds to serve as her medical advocates, accompanying her to doctor visits.

The next Wellness Project working meeting was held three weeks later. Building on our previous meeting and our proven hands-on approach,  the objective is to initiate three work groups:
1) Building Community Partnerships:  We recognize that there are many groups in the community already working toward on ways that support the mission of the Wellness Project.  We will work establish partnerships with other community groups in order to create a more robust exchange.

2) Creating a Transportation Network:  The Dane County TimeBank is establishing a network to broaden the system of support in Dane County, beginning with a focus on providing transportation to rural patients needing regular kidney dialysis. We have received some funding from National Center on Senior Transportation to coordinate this.

3) Planning the fall workshop-meal series:  We will continue providing meals and workshops as a system to support the health needs of those with the fewest resources in our community.  This working group will meet to set a schedule for the fall, including dates of program, workshop topics, and potential presenters. Previous workshops have included self-massage and stress-free breathing, accompanied by delicious and healthy meals of soup and salad.

And, starting with this article, we’re documenting our process as we build this project, so you can learn from it to build similar projects of your own if you like.


Here are our presentations and some background material to make it easier for to you to engage with your own community. Just download them mix, shuffle and adapt the slides to your needs and replace our logo with yours where needed:

Download our general slide-show on TimeBanking

Download some specific slides of our Health/Wellness related project.

Download a great self-explanatory presentation of the Lehigh Valley Health Network with background resources and inspirational stories

Listen to our Stephanie Rearick talk about health system and TimeBanking on WORT radio. (stream or download)

Check this New York Times article on the health payoffs of timebanking.  Visit the website of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.

Download this comprehensive background paper about TimeBanking and Health, and the instructions to the introductory TimeBanking Yarn Game

And find many more tools and resources at the Dane County TimeBank website and inspiration, tools and resources from around the world at Build For The World, the sharing site for our building-a-better-world project. Check out the Wellness Project on Build – to learn more about its ongoing progress and/or sign up to collaborate if you work on the project.

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