We are working for the MAN

Advisory Board:


Bayo Akomolafe
International Alliance for Localization

Bernard Lietaer
International expert in the design and implementation of currency systems

Charles Eisenstein

Dr. Edgar Cahn
Founder and CEO of TimeBanks USA

Gar Alperovitz
Historian, political economist, activist, writer

John Bloom
Senior Director of RSF Social Finance

Manish Jain
International Alliance for Localization

Michel Bauwens
Founder of the P2P Foundation

The Yes Men (Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno)
Culture-jamming activists

Vicki Robin
Simple living advocate/ author



Working Board:

John Rogers (President)

Chris Petit (Vice-President)

Scott Murto (Secretary)

Tim Dalton (Treasurer)

Stephanie Rearick (Creative Director, Founder)

Kathy Perlow

Rebecca Kemble

Kurt Roskopf

Kate Macdonald


Justice Castaneda (Strategic Political Consultant)

Chris Petit (Legal and Technical Manager)

Scott Murto (Pilot Sites Coordinator)

Tim Dalton (IT Manager)

Stephanie Rearick (Creative Director, Founder)

Lora Garrett (Finance Manager)

Jami Becka (Fundraising Manager)

Julia Ho (Organizational Development)

Leander Bindewald (Communications Consultant – MAN groomer)

Rebecca Kemble

Mike Giroux




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