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I know I still owe you a number of reports, all in progress. Coming soon will be posts on my Paris trip, Berkeley and Oakland gatherings, the BALLE fellowship immersion, and the Madison Mapping Summit. And meanwhile I’m working on planning the MAN Up Skillshare Summit in Madison August 22-28 (mark your calendars!), and a retreat in Detroit next week.

So here’s a brief pause for some news:

First – our article on Mutual Aid Networks is coming out in the next issue of STIR Magazine in the UK! Pre-order it here.

Next Tue – Thur I’ll be joining people from St. Louis and Detroit for a retreat. During the retreat we’ll make some plans for the Skillshare Summit and we’ll also host a 3-city conversation (Detroit, St. Louis and Madison) about how we might collaborate on some transformative community justice efforts. Please email me if you’d like to join the conversation, Thur July 7, 12-3pmCDT.

Then I head to CommonBound conference in Buffalo NY where Chris Petit, Julia Ho and I will present about Mutual Aid Networks.

I had initially planned to stay on the road the whole month of July, visiting pilot sites. But now I’ve shifted gears and will come home July 11-Aug 3 and work on our own pilot site development and preparation for the SkillShare Summit.

And go back out for the World Social Forum in Montreal, August 9-13, where I’ll present about MANs as part of the Commons Thread that P2P Foundation is helping to organize.

August 22-28 will be the Madison Skillshare. We aim to have a lot of people here showing how they do work in their communities – including many local efforts and highlighting DCTB’s restorative justice projects – in ways to maximize our ability to replicate, localize, and hopefully improve on each other’s work.

Then I’ll fly out to Amsterdam where I’ll present MANs at the Peer Value Conference Sept 2 and 3.

Then to the UK for a mini-MAN Up UK summit in Hull, visits to potential pilot sites in Manchester, Totnes, and beyond.

I look forward to connecting with you in one of these places!



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