Stephanie Rearick on Economic Democracy – on the Radio! Thur. June 28, 5-6CDT

Happy summer!

A couple updates here at Time For the World.
First, some speaking engagements coming up. After that, asking for your help.

Our hometown of Madison Wisconsin will be host to an Economic Democracy Conference this year. I’m helping organize the local action initiative track of the conference. I’ll be talking on the radio about Economic Democracy, the conference, timebanking, Build For the World and related. I hope you’ll want to listen!

The People’s Mic, hosted by Doug Cunningham, on WXXM-FM, 92.1 FM, Thursday 5-6 p.m. Central time, June 28th.

You may also listen at:

Read about the conference and register here:

I’ll also be speaking about timebanking and Build For the World at the Culture of Life Eco-Retreat in Spartanburg SC (joining by video) in late July/early August.

In the meantime, we debuted the Build A Better World Game and are now embarking on using our test group’s feedback to Build A Better Build A Better World Game. I’ll share that one when it’s done. And we’re working on lining up our Build A Better World Real-Life Adventure, which is shaping up to be a great time. I’ll post on that when it’s firmed up.

And we’re preparing for our July 19 Health and Wellness Builders’ Workshop. Followed by August’s workshop focused on poverty, then September and October where we’ll explore the topic of Healthy Community Economy, including learning about many different tools and models (timebanking, price-based mutual credit, fiat currencies, community-directed lending/granting, gift economies, freecycling, cooperative ownership, etc.) and fleshing out a plan to use many of them to piece together our own Healthy Community Economy here in Wisconsin.

This is all really exciting work! And we’re pretty under-staffed for all of it at the moment.

So I’m asking you to help us out with:

money so we can hire more people – there’s a paypal link on this page and a $5000 challenge grant awaiting your contribution! 🙂

your own time or talents, remunerable with money (not too much at this point, though, see above) and/or timebank hours – especially if you enjoy fundraising, grantwriting, or working in Drupal

That’s all for now. We look forward to being ready to post content from our Builders’ Workshops and our new and improved game files. Looking forward to having some folks in other places try out the game for themselves and share their experiences. Let me know if you’re interested!

Thanks for everything,

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