Sharing materials from Builders Workshop #5 TimeBanking and Poverty: Creating Abundance in a Challenged Economy


Our workshop yesterday went really well. We had about 35 participants representing 14 different community organizations – including McFarland School District, Dane County Dept. of Human Services, SEIU Nurses’ Union Local, two local universities and more.

We’ll add notes and video from our discussion when they’re ready but, due to high demand, we want to share our slide shows and links to videos here right away.

Our slide show on TimeBanking Approaches to Creating Abundance in a Challenged Economy. Featuring videos of TEM local currency in Greece and the New Vision TimeBanking and Solar Energy project in Chestnut Ridge, West Virginia: BW5_Creating_Abundance in a Challenged Economy.

The New Vision Solar Energy Project from Edge Brussel on Vimeo.

And the slides Ron Chance shared, giving an overview on poverty in the US and Dane County: Timebank Poverty Presentation

Watch the Poverty one first, then the Abundance one if you’d like to end on a high note!
We are very inspired to try out some of what we learned from our friends in other places. We hope you will be too.

As always, feel free to use any of our materials in creating and delivering your own presentations – that’s why we share them. And share back your own localizations and improvements!

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