Sharing Builders Workshop #10 – TimeBanking and the Arts: Building a Creative Community Economy

arts_bw_photo3 Hello,

Our tenth Builders Workshop happened to fall on the one year anniversary of the Builders Workshops series. Happy birthday to us!

This workshop focused on the intersection of timebanking and the arts. About fifteen people attended, representing various communities and artistic disciplines. Among the participants were the staff-person for the City of Madison’s arts grants program CitiArts, the former director of Dane Arts, the person spearheading Make Music Madison, and people working in radio, film, creative writing, visual arts, poetry and arts education, and more.

We began by presenting basics about timebanking, then moved into how timebanking is being arts_bw_photoapplied to building arts opportunities in various places. We were joined online by Autumn Rooney of the LA-area Arroyo-SECO TimeBank. She shared their experience with Artist Bailouts, group gatherings where timebank members help secure crowd-funding for artists. We shared various ways that timebanking is supporting artists in Dane County – Briana presented about the art class she taught in Stoughton, Lorrie shared experiences of Youth Court kids connecting with artists and projects as part of their youth court participation, I presented examples of how artists have gotten help with setting up shows, providing food for art shows, graphic design, lessons and supplies. We also described how matchmaking software of the kind being developed and used by Make Music Madison could be combined with innovative resource-exchange and -sharing models (like timebanking) to better connect artists with needed space.

Then we had a roundtable discussion of ways we can enhance our arts-oriented offerings and activities.arts_bw_photo2

One of the most exciting ideas was suggested by Karin of CitiArts – that we could develop a formula where the City provides some timebank hours with monetary grants, or accepts timebank hours as part of their required in-kind match. Other members pointed out that if the City and County would take timebank hours for bus passes, trail passes, bike and dog registration fees this would go a long way toward enhancing the value of timebank credit.

We’ll continue to pursue that, along with meetings with Dane Arts staff and additional exploration with attendees.

And we’ll do our best to post and otherwise keep you up to date.

In the meantime please peruse the notes from the workshop, and feel free to view, use and adapt our slide presentation however you’d like.


Thanks for reading,


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