San Francisco workshops next weekend!


I have a lot of reporting to do from my trip to Brussels and Paris. But right now I’m in beautiful Asilomar CA getting oriented to my new BALLE Fellowship (it’s going to be amazing!!! Or, it already is amazing) so I’ll write later.

Meanwhile, though, I want to let you know about two Bay Area events coming up at the end of this fellowship immersion.

Community: Connect! is a three hour mini-conference that offers maximum opportunities for social change agents to encourage, equip, engage and energize each other in order to do the excellent work they joyfully aspire to do in order to make a better world. One of the workshop leaders is Stephanie Rearick who will be sharing about Time Banking and Collaborative Economies.   She is a Local Economy fellow and is part of a group of individuals who represent some of the most innovative local economic and community development solutions in US and Canada. Friday, May 27, 6-9PM, Omni Commons, Oakland. More about the event can be found at

Creating Collaborative Economies Workshop:  Stephanie Rearick, founder of the Dane County Time Bank and founder/creative director of Mutual Aid Networks, will go more in depth about how to create Time Banks, and how to combine technology and people power in order to empower activists and everyone to transform the way they interact with money and each other so that people can use their talents and resources to enrich their local communities effectively. Attendees can get feedback on their specific projects including the Bay Area Community Exchange. Saturday, May 28, 9:15AM-3PM,  Long Haul Info Shop, Berkeley.

-organized by Patricia Mikkelson
Professional Organizer and Simplified Living Coach

And I’ll play a little house concert that Saturday afternoon, at East Bay Co-Housing. Kind of invitation-only but let me know if you want an invitation.

More soon, to update you on European travels, BALLE, and lots of upcoming events.



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