Report from the Build a Better World Game


We played the Build a Better World Game and followed it up with some Real-Life Adventures in Madison’s Allied Drive neighborhood last week. It was tremendous fun!

Build a Better World Board Game
Build a Better World Board Game

First, a few of the folks doing community work in the neighborhood played the Build a Better World Board Game.

Afterward we went on a Scavenger Hunt – going door to door, inviting people to the Swap Meet we held a few days later at the Allied Neighborhood Picnic. We took menus of things they could contribute, blank gift certificates for services and checks that timebank members could write from their timebank accounts. People were really receptive and it was fun for those of us Scavenger Hunting.

The next Saturday we set up a Swap Meet at the Allied Neighborhood Picnic. We brought stuff we collected during our Treasure Hunts on Madison’s moving day (where you can get all kinds of very gently-used, very good stuff that the students are throwing away. Lots of people here call it “Hippie Christmas”), plus whatever members and neighbors brought. We had some home-grown tomatoes, homegrown tomatoes! some dishes, vacuum cleaners, chairs, irons and ironing board, toys, books and more. Some of the first arrivals were kids I’d talked to during the Scavenger Hunt. They brought two little tricycles and took some great stuffed animals! Another Swapper got roller blades!Roller blades! The adults who were timebank members wrote checks for the number of timebank hours that felt fair to trade. It worked great. The kids who weren’t members and didn’t bring stuff helped out with clean-up in exchange for what they got. At the end of the day a very sweet young boy decided he wanted to get the little pink trike (that the first kids had brought) for his sister. So he helped me load all the stuff we had left into the storage space for our timebank store (Maxine’s) and I dropped the trike off at his family’s apartment. She was very happy to get it!

One last picture of some of the kids practicing their cleaning skills 🙂

So we’ll be doing a lot more Swap Meets, and also playing the game more to see where it takes us.

We keep upgrading it and fixing little things but we’ll keep sharing as we go.
The Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks plan to play in October, and we’ll be doing more too. Let me know if you’d like to try it!

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ps This Thursday is our next Builders Workshop, Healthy Community Economy Part I, where we’ll explore timebanking, price-based mutual credit, a couple community-issued currency models, community banking and cooperative ownership as several elements that can be combined to flesh out a healthy community economy. We’ll learn what’s happening here and elsewhere around the world, then discuss how we will proceed in integrating and expanding on the initiatives already thriving in our area. Please come! If you live far away and you’d like to join us online please email at your earliest convenience and we’ll provide instruction. And of course we’ll share it after we do it.

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