Report from Builders Workshop #9: TimeBanking and Community Justice


We had another wonderful Builders Workshop on January 17. This one was focused on TimeBanking and Community Justice.  Attendees included Lindsey Draper of Wisconsin’s Office of Justice Assistance, Madison Municipal Judge Dan Koval, and several people from Dane County Court Diversion, in addition to our usual array of members and interested passersby with a variety of skills and backgrounds.

We gave an overview of our timebank, how we use timebanking to facilitate projects, then lost of examples about how our TimeBank Youth Court has developed and flourish. This was a jumping-off point to discuss some new initiatives.

juvenile court diversion brainstorm

First, Dane County TimeBank has a fledgling partnership with Dane County Court Diversion, where they’ll use our youth court community-engagement model to provide options for kids who would otherwise be formally charged in the juvenile justice system. We identified connections we could make between attendees of the workshop, especially in the small bedroom community of DeForest where we have some wonderful members but have not yet gained traction in the wider community. There are great opportunities there to connect court-diverted kids, people in our medical transportation project, and some of the people organizations our DeForest  members work with.

Second, Madison Municipal Judge Dan Koval plans to explore possibilities for modeling an adult community court on the success of our youth courts! We did a lot of brainstorming about this and made plans to begin exploratory conversations with people in the Madison Police Department about starting a small pilot project, perhaps on Madison’s south or southwest sides. This is tremendously exciting for me and has been a goal ever since I learned of the youth court model.

One group of people who were identified, through our very rich discussion, as great candidates for adult community court – the people who have accumulated many minor legal infractions to the point where they face or have faced incarceration, who are in danger of being incarcerated for probation or parole revocations. adult-court-notes

There was a lot to this discussion! I’m sharing the notes in the “reports” section of the DCTB Youth Court/Community Justice page at build.

And here are the slides, feel free to adapt and use them as you see fit.


We’ll post on the Dane County TimeBank Youth Court and Community Justice page at as we go. Feel free to subscribe to this blog and/or follow that project on build to stay updated. Are you doing something related? Please share it with us!

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