Report from Builders Workshop #12: Report from the Road + building a MAN

Hello allBW12list

As usual, we had a very stimulating discussion during the latest Builders’ Workshop. We had 14 participants representing these interest areas and organizations.

Marc and I started by talking about our presentation from the Int’l Complementary Currencies Conference in the Hague. We shortened some of the theory stuff and added a few slides showing how we approached the real-life applications in real life. Here are the slides.

I went into much more depth on the ‘how we apply this theory in real life’ portion of the presentation than I did at the conference. This is because we’re really working hard to apply this theory in real life! And had made some great progress with the Allied Coop Energy Project just the day before (I’ll post more notes about that here), and are working on hammering out details so we can build a Mutual Aid Network.

Then we jumped into a discussion about more of the particulars. Haven graciously took notes, which will give you more detail than I can give here. DCTB notes 2013-07-11

Afterward most of us stuck around for a light dinner provided by Kristin Sage, Dane County TimeBank’s Wellness Project coordinator. There we discussed more of the details of how the Mutual Aid Network structure could help spin up good work – where people can do a variety of things for a variety of types of compensation and have some security while doing the work they love. More details as we get them written up.

That’s all for now. All these topics warrant much more detail which we’ll be doing our best to add over the next few months.

On to the next leg of the Dreamworld Sharing Economy Tour so stay tuned for updates from the west coast and other points between here and there.

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