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So I’ve been reading Ascent of Humanity by Charles Eisenstein and there’s something he writes about that struck me and spurred some thoughts of my own, of course about work and the organization of human society since I seem to be somewhat obsessed with the topic…

his observation being somewhat like (read it directly please don’t rely on my bad paraphrasing) Darwinism kind of paints a picture of individual genetic happenstance mutations and natural selection through survival of the fittest, whereas a worldview of connection, of individuals as part of a living whole, shows a picture of all the rest of nature pulling on an organism to fill a needed role.

I realized

it’s as obvious as the nose on your face
which you can’t see because it’s part of you and too close to your eyes

And when I thought about how this applies to people in society, in community, in work, I started thinking about how my great old friend from college (whom I hadn’t seen in 20 years and got to see because I went to Louisville KY to help with timebanking training as part of the Dreamworld tour) was saying that in her job as a career counselor she often makes an observation that people choose careers or work that makes up for a lack they’ve had at some point. So in my case, my work fulfills a lack I’ve felt – in recognizing that the things I enjoy doing for work aren’t valued by our economy. So I fill that lack by working on changing the economy. See?

And in the business world, good businesspeople find the niche that needs filled in the community and fill it.

So I suppose this is another way we can look at playing with developing a more natural and healthy kind of human ecosystem in how we approach redefining work and sustenance. We can trust that people will be pulled toward the work that needs doing, and do it. We can stop thinking that people will only take care of needed functions under the duress of wage slavery. I really look forward to seeing what people choose to do with their time when they get a choice! I look forward to seeing how the needed functions get done, or unpleasant functions get eliminated because people problem-solve in order to avoid doing them. Like when we stop producing nuclear waste because of course noone should ever have to mine uranium, or go remove fuel rods from high up in a teetering building…

The Push

We need some money. We have a $10,000 challenge grant through the end of this year and we’re only about $100 away from qualifying for the match. But we need more money than that to start next year with a little cushion.

On my tour the last few months I did 67 separate cooperative-economy-focused gatherings. A few were 2 or 3 people, in-depth discussions about where they are and what’s going on, what we could learn from each other or do together going forward. But overall I directly interacted (not including the general attendees at big conference, just the ones at my own workshops and sessions) with over 1400 people. I raised about $3500 to support it, which did a little more than cover travel expenses. Some of the stops paid me, most didn’t and that was appropriate I think. This whole work is about sharing, distributing fairly and wisely, and differently allocating resources. Crowdfunding supported some of the stops where it wasn’t appropriate or feasible for people there to give. (I’m writing up a really detailed report on all of it, income, expenses, audiences, outcomes, future commitments, follow-up, digesting of learning – it’s just taking a little time of course)

Speaking of which, I’d much rather spend my time on building, designing, testing mutual aid networks and building peer support structures within the cooperative, regenerative economy movement than begging for money for our basic expenses. So if you just give (or ask others to give if you want to pass this link on) money now it gives us more time to really get our ducks in a row to build the mutual aid network structure and start testing it. And writing it up into a kickass proposal, that’s thorough and big and prepared to get enough money to make the whole thing move the way it should, once we have time to think and talk it through and write it up properly and line up the proper partners and do a proper crowdfund and other resource generating campaign. If we just raise some quick money now from friends and allies we can spend our time doing things we enjoy more, and that more directly serve our bigger goal.

Simply stated, if you can and want to, please give us some money! Have a friend who’s into building a new economy? Donate in their name as a gift and we’ll make a nice pretty card to send them, with some stuff inside to let them know how we’ll use it to build a more beautiful world.

OK, as always – thanks for reading

Enjoy your weekend


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