Out with the old, in with the new

Welcome to the first day of the new cycle of time. Let’s make it a good one!

Whatever interpretation of the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar you choose to enjoy, or ignore, I like to believe that we are moving into a new era – maybe just because I’m so sick of the old one!

And at Time For the World we think and talk a lot about counter-rotational forces. I often picture the work we’re doing as paddling from the other side of the canoe in order to turn this boat around. little_build_logo

We’re paddling hard right now and look forward to the coming year when we’re really going to rock and roll. Some of what’s on tap (with a more detailed post coming after holidays):

  • We’ll be in a new book by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne,  Rethinking Money
  • The authors will be coming to Madison early 2013!! We’ll plan some extravaganzas
  • We’ll aim to present at the 2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems (CCS)
  • I’ll participate in the Art Track of that conference too, which is really exciting for me! more to come on Europe trip later…
  • July – September I’ll be spending a lot of time on the road all around North America on another music and timebanking tour. We’re going to make it a rolling conference! Building more training and peer support infrastructure, materials and curriculum, providing opportunities for new trainers to get practice, making more connections with partners, getting more practice learning and celebrating with the folks in each of our regions, and more
  • We’ll be testing out more of our ideas about how timebanking connects with other cooperative economic and community practices to really build a human-scaled economy from the ground up

In other great news Marc Brakken’s leaving school! That means we’ll have a lot more time to work together on this project, which is tremendously exciting for me.

And we were really thrilled to receive a generous $10,000 end-of-year gift from an anonymous donor, which leaves us finishing the year in good shape.

So far I like the new era. I hope you will too. Let’s make it together!

Enjoy the longer days,


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