Next leg of tour, in brief


First – I owe you some posts and will get them up this week, including: Update on PowerTime energy project here in Madison (looking good!), Report on Builders Workshop #12: Report from the Road and Building a MAN, and more details, videos, and notes from the Europe leg of my tour.

In the meantime, I’ve put together a poster for much of the next leg of my tour, out to the west coast US and back. More Sharing Economy events yet to come in Columbia Gorge OR, Boise ID and likely a few other places.

game_lab_ICCSAnd we’ll have an updated version of the Build a Better World game to play on this tour, based on changes suggested in Paris and at our Game Lab session during Doers Days at the Hague.

You can support the tour by helping with expenses – and get a bonus download of my new Dreamworld record, which I’ll be playing from on the dates marked with a music note – here. We have a $20,000 challenge grant so everything you give helps double!



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