What Next in Aotearoa New Zealand?


As many of you know, I had an epic speaking and learning tour in New Zealand in April. I can’t thank enough all of my amazing hosts and new friends.

And a lot is happening that was spawned on that trip, both in NZ and back at home, and everywhere else people are becoming HUMANs and applying what we’ve just learned and created.

One exciting result is that I’ll be appearing in the just-starting series on TVNZ 1, What Next? with Nigel Latta and John Campbell. Check it out! Runs June 11-15, and I expect to be in latter episode/s. [NOTE: My part did NOT appear on the TV show. Hopefully some of it will be posted to their website, which I’ll share if/when it happens. – SR]

And even more exciting is all the action on the ground in NZ where some of the incredibly energetic, knowledgeable, and talented leaders of neighborly economy work have quickly put together a Mutual Aid Network Aotearoa facebook page and a website and are creating some capacity for peer support for people who get motivated to engage because of the show.

Enjoy. We look forward to everything that’s to come from all these new relationships and learnings.

That’s what mutual aid is all about

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Creative Director, Mutual Aid Networks

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