Mutual Aid Solidarity Summit #1: Common Funds 2/20/20, and more news…

Hello HUMANs!

It’s been a long time since I rapped at ya 😉

That’s because there’s so much to tell you, and we’ve been living it instead of writing about it… But we’re eager to share! So stay tuned for reports from September’s Solidarity Sprint, and December’s mini-Solidarity Sprint through Catalonia with the wonderful Joel Morist Botines of Cooperativa Integral Catalan, and many many other beautiful people from the region doing inspiring revolutionary cooperative work.
And before we get to that, we need to invite you to do a couple things:
If you haven’t already, join the HUMANs global cooperative network or renew your membership! Your membership gets you access to our sharing and exchange networks, project management tools, and lots of learning and sharing opportunities. And it helps us sustain and grow ourselves.
Speaking of growing, we’re meeting lots of new partners and participants, and working on building up more effective work flows. And having fun doing it! Please feel free to join us as we ramp up a newly reconstituted communications work group, help our social team work out an updated partner project agreement, make your own local efforts into a partner project, start or build something with our mutual support, whatever suits your own needs and dreams… Reply to this email or join and check out some work groups on the MAP (orientation coming soon), whatever suits you.
And last but not least – we’ve added an exciting new series to our global learning efforts, and you’re invited! 

Thursday February 20, 4-6pm CST – Mutual Aid Solidarity Summit #1: Common Funds This is the first in a new series for the HUMANs (Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks), our global cooperative network of which we’re the founder and one of several partner sites across the globe. We’ll do this series the 20th of each even-numbered month this year. The aim is to get people together locally in a few locations, while simultaneously connecting online with a structured skillshare designed to help with a specific need. This one fills the need of Madison and BC-area Mutual Aid projects who have both recently opened Common Funds and will get help from our New Zealand partners who have experience with this model. Feel free to join! In person at the Social Justice Center 1202 Williamson St. Madison, or online at our regular zoom channel.

We hope very much to connect with you in some of these ways. Please be in touch to let us know what you need to make your participation work for you.

And happy 2020!

Stephanie Rearick

founder, creative director of HUMANs and Madison MAN Cooperative

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