More MAN News.. in brief

redbud_blossomsHello again,

just briefly for now…

Check it out! Scott Murto of the Lansing Michigan MAN pilot site (spearheaded by MidMichigan Timebank) has written a great post in the Daily Kos. Our first MAN mention in an article. And a beautiful one at that!

Building New Economic Paradigms: What’s Happening, That Vision Thing, and You

And stay tuned for news from the road. I’m just beginning this East Coast tour which will include stops in Ithaca, Maine, Vermont (with Charles Eisenstein and Edgar Cahn!), Boston for the CommonBound Conference (with zillions of awesome new economy thinkers and organizers), Brooklyn for a Yes Men fundraiser, Philadelphia, Detroit and Lansing. A lot will be happening and I’ll try to keep on top of sharing it with you as I go…

happy June!

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