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It will still take awhile for me to get all the reports and documentation out to you – we have video and audio recording of our academic presentation, I have notes and possibly some video from the panel I was on about timebanking and social cohesion, and we have video, audio and notes from our open space session on building a MAN (mutual aid network). In the meantime though you get the quick and dirty versions while they’re still relatively fresh in my mind.

IMG_20130620_161324_674I already gave a little overview about our talk, which slides are here. When I’m able to link to the audio that may be a better time to check them out. Or do both…

I’m not sharing our paper yet because we want to work on it more first. That’ll be available soon but Marc’s biking to Switzerland now so it may be a few days before he’s ready to write more. And for my part my brain needs a rest.

Friday got off to a great start with a wonderful performance by Dette Glashouwer. She’s a Dutch performance artist who’s been traveling the world doing this performance piece on money. No video for you, sorry, but here are a few pictures.

IMG_20130621_095006_149 IMG_20130621_094729_395IMG_20130621_094732_506 IMG_20130621_094951_959 IMG_20130621_094946_187 IMG_20130621_094748_693   IMG_20130621_094714_002

IMG_20130621_104220_920Her performance was followed by a talk show format panel with Bernard Lietaer, Edgar Kampers and a man whose name I don’t have, standing in for Becky Booth of Spice (who was sadly unable to attend due IMG_20130621_104844_735to an injury).

The Timebanking and Social Cohesion panel on the policymakers day of the conference (Fri. June 21) was excellent.

The panel, Social Cohesion & Social Care – Stephanie Rearick (USA) – Dane County TimeBank/ Time For the World, Ben Dineen (UK) – Spice, Mayumi Hayashi (J- UK) – King’s College London, Sander de Rijke (NL) – de Makkie, host: Noel Longhurst (UK) – University of East Anglia

Mayumi was representing Fureai Kippu, the Japanese Caring Relationship ticket system for elder care. I’ve always wanted to learn much more about them so this was a great opportunity. She discussed the challenges they’ve faced especially with the changing of the national social care system. They are discussing strategies for increasing the robustness of their impact by engaging a more diverse group of people rather than only focusing on elder care. The same conclusion many come to, no matter which individual population they begin with… It takes an ecosystem to grow a garden. Or somethin

I’ll wait until I have better notes to share, simply because so much happened at this conference that the discussion is no longer fresh enough in my mind to give it a proper representation. I was happy to have Katherine Gibson choose to attend this session, though (she was the keynote speaker on the first day, of the author team JK Gibson-Graham, and Marc has been a fan for a long time).

That evening there was a beach party at a lovely beach house. I had the opportunity to play a set of music there, which was tremendous fun and the perfect counterpoint to all the sitting, thinking and talking. And so many of my songs are especially for this group of people (for everyone, but these folks even more) so it was a pleasure to play for them. I was elated when someone yelled out “You give me hope!” I guess that’s the best compliment.

You’ll only get a quick overview of the Doers Days. First a picture of Leander doing a great job facilitating the open space process (we miss him! 🙂IMG_20130622_094649_044

I’ll just briefly mention our open space session because my battery’s about to die and I don’t have the proper adapter to charge it! We focused on building a mutual aid network, which we have just begun, which will connect timebanking, price-based mutual credit and cooperative saving/lending/funding/slow investing tools under the umbrella of a cooperative with commons governance principles built into it. Using it as a way to spin up good work for people, and connecting them with the assistance they need to make it work.

Here’s a picture of how I drew it up for them. Video, notes and audio later.IMG_20130622_161946_262Excited to start building it with the many fantastic people we’ve met here!

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