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I mentioned here recently that I’ve received the honor of being offered a BALLE Fellowship. Very exciting!

And when I was putting together my Fellow Profile, which lists recent media mentions, I realized we have a bunch of cool media coming out referencing the MAN, and I haven’t yet shared it all here. So here are some recent mentions. Enjoy!

We’re number 8! Top 10 P2P Trends of 2015“The most advanced practical project is probably the Mutual Aid Network in Madison, Wisconsin, which is already expanding beyond the city to places as far away as South Africa (Bergnek project). ” Huge thanks to Michel Bauwens for recognizing Mutual Aid Networks as an important P2P trend.

And, in case you missed it when it was published in July, Michel Bauwens’ interview with me in the series 100 Women who are co-creating the P2P Society: Stephanie Rearick of the Mutual Aid Network.

In November, Madison weekly paper Isthmus referred to MANs as an economic opportunity for artists in this article: Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be rock stars: Efforts are underway to help local musicians survive in a tough market

On January 4 this blog was published at Institute for Leadership and Sustainability in Cumbria, UK: The Creative Destruction of the US Prison Industrial Complex: We Can Do It!

And now that you’ve had a chance to see some of the exciting ways MANs can help improve our work and our world, please visit our crowdfunding site, give and share.

We’re extending the crowdfund through the month of March, when I’ll be touring to visit, support, learn from, and document many of our US pilot sites. We’ll use some of the tour stops to launch pilot crowdfunds and to rally support for all our efforts. Stay tuned for details on that later…

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