MAN Up 2016 Tour #1 starts TODAY!


I’m writing to let you know I start the first MAN Up tour of the year in just a few minutes. I meant to write earlier but the time has raced away from me. But for lots of good reasons! Really, my year got off to quite a swamped beginning, wrapping up my Directorship with the Dane County TimeBank – I’m officially MANning up now (this means I’m not Co-Directing Dane County TimeBank anymore. I’m working for them 10 hours/week and spending the rest of my work time developing and implementing Mutual Aid Networks)!  And marking the transition with a learning/working/presenting/building/playing music tour.

I’ll be doing many of the same things I usually do on tour (here’s an old tour menu  and these offerings still stand along with things more tailored to Mutual Aid Networks, with a special emphasis on visiting MAN pilot sites, documenting them, helping with outreach, brainstorming, co-creating materials and processes etc.

Here’s my rough itinerary, in case you want to help organize things in your area (many of you are well underway with this). I’m still looking for shows in most locations if you know of venues or artists to connect me with. Or house concerts. Music is here (along with reviews, samples, descriptions, booking page) –

The schedule:

March 4-8  St. Louis  – jam-packed with cool events! thanks Julia, MORE, Freeman, Solidarity Economy Network!

  • Friday, March 4:
    Meeting w/court administrator at the family court / juvenile detention center / north west high school
    Welcome Dinner @ Roots Co-op 6-9PM
    Saturday, March 5:
    11AM-4PM @ Thomas Dunn Learning Center, 3113 Gasconade St.
    MAN presentation / workshop
    healthy cooking demo & meal led by HOSCO
    seed swap, mingling
    Sunday, March 6:
    11AM-2PM Admin meeting
    contracts w/orgs & businesses
    other admin/technical issues (software)
    Monday, March 7:
    meeting with City Court
    show @ Blank Space

March 9-12 Bloomington IN Up & Coming Food Coop conference
March 13-14 Louisville KY
March 15-18 Dayton/Cincinnati/Covington KY
March 19-20 Washington DC
March 20-22 Allentown PA ,
March 22-23 Philadelphia PA
March 24-26 NYC ,
March 27-28 w. Milford NJ
March 29-30 Providence RI
March 31-4/2 northeast Ohio
4/2-4/4 Ohio, Detroit or Lansing (have been planning for Detroit these days but now planning to go back again days later, so could be flexible)
4/5-4/7 Lansing
4/8-10 Detroit NASSE Forum


If you live en route and want to schedule something please be in touch! I’ll post more details as I have time also. Just wanted to give SOME notice to St. Louis-area folks who may not have heard from Julia et al yet.


Hope to see you on one of this year’s many stops!!!


thanks for reading,


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